1.Why wasn't I asked about the time and place of birth?

The time and place of birth are crucial and very important for a character
analysis but not for a future forecast.
The importance of time and place of birth is minor for determining the transits
and aspects of the planets that influence your future. In this case, time and place
of birth are not required.

2.What kind of aspects do you use for your forecast?

We use the main aspects known in astrology - the conjunction (0 degree),
the opposition (180 degrees), the square (90 degrees), the trine (120 degrees),
and the sixtile (60 degrees).
We analyze the effect of those aspects on your near future.

3.How do you update your astrological forecast?

The forecast is updated automatically every day according to the transit of
the planet in respect to the natal planet of your birth date.

4.How accurate is your astrological forecast?

Very accurate.
We are the only astro service that provide you with personal aspects
that will influence your life in the future
according to your personal date of birth and your private stellar configuration.

5.Can I speak with your astrologers?

Visit our contact page:


6. Is it free?

Yes. For daily use.

7. HoroscopeOne is in english only?

HoroscopeOne supports seven different languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Romanian and Georgian.



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